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Digital Literacy Class

I have truly been enjoying this class. From the kick off with all of the Ted talk videos I knew this was my kind of class, one that gets my brain and heart jolted with ideas and my passion for teaching.  I expected this class to be about reading and writing using the digital advances to enhance lessons. That was my guess, I had no idea I would be beginning my professional voice with a blog and a twitter account. I am happy that this has gotten my professional learning community started and I have become more comfortable sharing my blogs with the world.

I really enjoyed learning about passion based learning, and inquiry based learning. This research has given me so many ideas about what I want my classroom to look and feel like. These modules were them most important to me because I gained so many powerful ideas and insight watching and reading about how big of an effect this type of a classroom can have on students. I have noticed that while in my other classes I am automatically thinking of ways to embed inquiry and passion into my lessons. It is also really interesting to be a part of a twitter account that I have created solely to help me grow as an educator. I am one of the few people who has never had a facebook account and I did not think that I would like anything about twitter but it has proved me wrong. Being connected to other teachers and educators is a powerful tool.

In the second part of the semester I hope to learn more about creating a class website and some online tools that are useful in the classroom. I love what I am getting out of this class so I hope the second part of the semester is as great as the first.

Daily Create #11


Leather… vests, boots, bridles, and gloves. Thick leather scent has always been a part of my life and my family, both for the bikers and the cowboys. Leather is my totem.