I can unlearn and innovate

I believe that I am more of an innovative thinker when it comes to my ideas of what teaching means to me. I have not fell victim to being stuck in my teaching ways so I am constantly scribbling down the “musts” I will include in my methods, and cutting and pasting a collage of methods that will one day make up my own methodology. I have been innovative this semester because I have collecting and absorbing the plethora of information that we have had access to and formulating my own ideas from them. Like a recipe list I have been adding to what type of teacher I plan to be.

I have always had an open mind about the way learning can take place yet before this semester I have never really had the word that I now center the rest of my idea around. That word is PASSION, my biggest take away from this semester has been this new way of designing a lesson or a classroom that has come to light for me. I do not have a procedure or a way to put this in to action but I believe it will tentativly be something that takes a students passion as the core and builds other skills (content) around it. This idea is still foggy when I try to put it to life but I believe I eventually will I will be an innovative educator indeed.

I have unlearned that the teacher must delegate which questions should be asked and answered. Really, students will come up with deep questions without them being served to them, or force fed in some cases.

“I question thinking. challenge ideas, and do not accept “this is the way we have always done it ” as an acceptable answer for our students  or myself.” – George Couro

This quote from George Couro is a great one, I love this mindset that he shares in his post.

“We need to unlearn the idea that we are the sole content experts in the classroom, because we can now connect our kids to people who know far more than we do about the material we’re teaching.” Richardson states in his article The Unlearning Curve. This is something I want to unlearn, I want to be a teacher who is not afraid to discover resources along with my students, because I do not hold all of the answers. We as educators need to unlearn a lot of things to become innovators of education, which is what our school systems needs so badly.


9 Elephants in the Classroom


3 thoughts on “I can unlearn and innovate

  1. I think it’s great that you are constantly writing down notes about what kind of teacher you plan to be! I bet that will really benefit you, and your students in the future.


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