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I am wordy, more so  when I write than in person, but I am fairly wordy then too. So when I began writing my first comic using Pixton I was 6 boxes in and I still didn’t have a punchline. As fate would have it my computer had a malfunction and rebooted, leaving the unfinished comic nowhere to be found. I am not saying the one I created next is on it’s way to Marvel, or even the “funnies” but it is better.

I could see kids loving this tool, I would like to give them the chance to create a quick comic about our literature circle books, possibly a foresight they are sensing in the novel. I think that would be a fun way to get the discussion going and ensure that kids are looking deeper into their books.

I was a little distraught when I could not download the Comic Book App that featured turning pictures into cartoons, because that is right up my alley. With a big deep breath I moved on to Pixton and I can confidently say that this is actually  tool I could see myself using as a teacher.

The universe seems to be working a double shift for me in hindsight.

Piktochart and Canva are awesome tools, I was trying to embed one of them into a lesson I am creating for another class but before I can comfortably do that I need to be a little better myself. I think with some training in the class students would be able to construct a piktochart quite efficiently. It would be fun for kids to use in debates and things that kids can see concrete evidence of. This could be an awesome way to show research and make some real life connections to math and business. Love both of these tools for the classroom.


3 thoughts on “Tech tool Comics

  1. I agree that using Pixton in classrooms would be very fun and great for kids to experiment! I loved your comic, and it truly is just overall a great one! :p


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