Podcast Frenzy

I love the Serial podcast, things like this really make me wish I was going to be teaching older students. I really liked how the students can use the podcasts to help capitalize their abilities to use critical thinking, argumentative stance on things and overall interest in the scenario that leaves them connected to what they are learning. Having mock closing arguments on behalf of the victim and defendant is an awesome gateway to all kinds of avenues from government, humanities and  English. I was impressed by how much content can be derived from the podcasts, yet just like a book, the well of knowledge is deep. The advantages are great with podcasts, for all ages. They give students the opportunity to absorb literature that may be above their reading level, and gives them a new avenue to gaining deeper meanings  from the story. Linking a podcast to other literature can be done and strengths and new ways of thinking may come to light with the contrast of the two methods. I think the disadvantages of using podcasts may be for some learners how auditory learning is not a strength of theirs and they may zone out. With practice students may become better listeners though, or increase their note taking abilities if they were interested in the podcast.

The Digital Story Telling Teachers Guide was a great article. I can’t agree more about how much a student can get from creating a digital story. From research skills to understanding the emotions of lyrics and using those emotions to set a “tone” of a plot or scene… The possibilities are endless. Also kids love to use technology, so as teachers it makes sense to incorporate something they love, into something they are learning to master. Getting students excited about the events of Abraham Lincoln’s life may be a daunting task, but if they get to create an animated video about it, the hill may just change slopes.

I believe I will absolutely have students that will create in my classroom using podcasts and digital story telling, it is a part of today’s world and can be an important tool for them as future students and career holders.


4 thoughts on “Podcast Frenzy

  1. I really like using podcasts too and in high school used them a lot like we do in college. I plan on teaching older kids and am super excited to see where I can incorporate them into my teaching style.


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