Digital Activism


Digital Activism is such a big thing going on in today’s world and it is no surprise that it will be a part of our classrooms. I loved the article My kids, a cause and our classroom blog. I think it is wonderful to get kids actively making a difference, that is what it is all about. Giving them the power to make a difference in the future and today, its awesome and it gets me thinking of all the ways that kids can make a difference using technology to their advantage. Give our kids a little rein, and something to get passionate about and I feel like we can really see the sparks fly.

The effectiveness of this digital activism can be as powerful as any other I feel. Not only can our words and posts be seen all over the world, they are instant. The only thing that starts to take away from the effectiveness is that around every corner of the internet one can find something to be boycotting or involved in. Regardless I think that the amount of change we can generate through digital activism can and will be extremely useful to schools, students, teachers, everyone.

I have not truly been a part of any digital activism yet in my life, I have read a lot things I believe are worth standing for yet I have yet to be an active participant.  I have read and discovered many things that I believe to be important but I think I have felt like many others have in thinking that there are so many others that are already writing and advocating for this, what difference does it make if I join? I think after this module,  that thought has faded for me, my voice should be heard with others.

Issues to consider include choosing which topics you want to be associated with, researching your position before and while you are a part of any stand you are making.

I was interested in the teen activism movements, I love reading about how they can make a difference in one another’s lives. I also liked to see that these teens were conscious about what they were posting and the effects of what others post. This was an inspirational reading and discovery for me because I can see me using examples of teens like these to inspire my own students.


3 thoughts on “Digital Activism

  1. Digital activism is so easy to participate in; as the other articles stated, it can be as easy as posting a tweet or adding a filter to your Facebook profile picture. It’s also really easy to find causes you care about through simple Google searches!


  2. I think a lot of people have the same question of “What difference does it make if I join?” You can see so many petitions and wonder if they do any good in the end. But sometimes just raising awareness is important. I’ve posted things on my social media accounts thinking no one really read them. Then years later I’ll have a couple friends tell me, out of the blue, what an impact my posts made on them. People are really listening, whether we see immediate evidence of it or not. Great thoughts, here!


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