Digital Citizenship


This topic of digital citizenship really had me going this week. This is such an important part of the lives of us as teachers and the lives of our students, yet I think it is often overlooked. We tell our students about how hurtful cyber bullying can be yet we sometimes forget to tell them how portraying ourselves online as responsible and in a positive light can be important as well.

I really enjoyed this video about your digital footprint being as permanent as a Tattoo . The speaker had some great points about good or bad, what you put on the internet it is forever. I also got a lot from the  video about the dangers of social media. This video was really telling about just how easy it can be to find out a lot about someone by only a few clicks on the internet. The scary thing I began thinking about was how our students are beginning posting so much of their lives onto the internet that by the time  they become old enough to become a part of the work force there will be so much of them on the internet. Not only being a part of the work force but we all know how an old photo album can be mortifying to a new group of friends, imagine every photo and “tag” and “post” available to your new boss or perhaps the coworker you just took a promotion from.

What can we do to instill into our students to be responsible on and off the internet I think comes down to not letting them be fooled by the cloak of the internet. Often kids and even adults feel that they are invisible and able to do and say things without consequence over the net. This is far from the truth, and if we are teaching them and encouraging their kindness and responsibility in their daily lives, this will affect how they act on the internet as well.  I want to be a teacher that will remind and teach my students to protect themselves and take precautions to be who they want to be all of the time.



5 thoughts on “Digital Citizenship

  1. I think after reading this you are definitely on the fast track to being that kind of teacher that instills great life lessons into students. I think this will be a never ending lesson for kids and adults that things can come back to haunt you.


  2. Great thoughts! I think today’s students need to be taught from an early age that what they say or do on the internet can have serious consequences. I believe that you will be successful in teaching these students not to be fooled by the perceived anonymity the internet provides.


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