Google yourself and throw away the key

Lucky for me I have been very cautious about what and where I have traveled on the internet. I worry most about my crazy friends and their incessant posting of pictures that could be undesirable.  After googling myself I did not find anything easily, and it was a good feeling. I had avoided being easily googled but I as I have been learning, there is always something out there. I quickly found my wedding registry but that was about the extent of it. If I created an account I could have found a little more information but it was not easily accessible.

I am a photographer and I keep a journal, but I do not do either on the internet, I like my privacy. Posting online is like a journal with no hidden drawer or secret hiding place.  My dad was a bit of a conspiracy theorist so I must have it ingrained into me to not share my lunch, my grievances, and the like over the internet. I am loud enough in person, I don’t need to be loud online too.

I would have to say that googling myself went very well and I intend to keep it that way.


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