Digital Activism


Digital Activism is such a big thing going on in today’s world and it is no surprise that it will be a part of our classrooms. I loved the article My kids, a cause and our classroom blog. I think it is wonderful to get kids actively making a difference, that is what it is all about. Giving them the power to make a difference in the future and today, its awesome and it gets me thinking of all the ways that kids can make a difference using technology to their advantage. Give our kids a little rein, and something to get passionate about and I feel like we can really see the sparks fly.

The effectiveness of this digital activism can be as powerful as any other I feel. Not only can our words and posts be seen all over the world, they are instant. The only thing that starts to take away from the effectiveness is that around every corner of the internet one can find something to be boycotting or involved in. Regardless I think that the amount of change we can generate through digital activism can and will be extremely useful to schools, students, teachers, everyone.

I have not truly been a part of any digital activism yet in my life, I have read a lot things I believe are worth standing for yet I have yet to be an active participant.  I have read and discovered many things that I believe to be important but I think I have felt like many others have in thinking that there are so many others that are already writing and advocating for this, what difference does it make if I join? I think after this module,  that thought has faded for me, my voice should be heard with others.

Issues to consider include choosing which topics you want to be associated with, researching your position before and while you are a part of any stand you are making.

I was interested in the teen activism movements, I love reading about how they can make a difference in one another’s lives. I also liked to see that these teens were conscious about what they were posting and the effects of what others post. This was an inspirational reading and discovery for me because I can see me using examples of teens like these to inspire my own students.


Digital Citizenship


This topic of digital citizenship really had me going this week. This is such an important part of the lives of us as teachers and the lives of our students, yet I think it is often overlooked. We tell our students about how hurtful cyber bullying can be yet we sometimes forget to tell them how portraying ourselves online as responsible and in a positive light can be important as well.

I really enjoyed this video about your digital footprint being as permanent as a Tattoo . The speaker had some great points about good or bad, what you put on the internet it is forever. I also got a lot from the  video about the dangers of social media. This video was really telling about just how easy it can be to find out a lot about someone by only a few clicks on the internet. The scary thing I began thinking about was how our students are beginning posting so much of their lives onto the internet that by the time  they become old enough to become a part of the work force there will be so much of them on the internet. Not only being a part of the work force but we all know how an old photo album can be mortifying to a new group of friends, imagine every photo and “tag” and “post” available to your new boss or perhaps the coworker you just took a promotion from.

What can we do to instill into our students to be responsible on and off the internet I think comes down to not letting them be fooled by the cloak of the internet. Often kids and even adults feel that they are invisible and able to do and say things without consequence over the net. This is far from the truth, and if we are teaching them and encouraging their kindness and responsibility in their daily lives, this will affect how they act on the internet as well.  I want to be a teacher that will remind and teach my students to protect themselves and take precautions to be who they want to be all of the time.


Google yourself and throw away the key

Lucky for me I have been very cautious about what and where I have traveled on the internet. I worry most about my crazy friends and their incessant posting of pictures that could be undesirable.  After googling myself I did not find anything easily, and it was a good feeling. I had avoided being easily googled but I as I have been learning, there is always something out there. I quickly found my wedding registry but that was about the extent of it. If I created an account I could have found a little more information but it was not easily accessible.

I am a photographer and I keep a journal, but I do not do either on the internet, I like my privacy. Posting online is like a journal with no hidden drawer or secret hiding place.  My dad was a bit of a conspiracy theorist so I must have it ingrained into me to not share my lunch, my grievances, and the like over the internet. I am loud enough in person, I don’t need to be loud online too.

I would have to say that googling myself went very well and I intend to keep it that way.

Digital Literacy Class

I have truly been enjoying this class. From the kick off with all of the Ted talk videos I knew this was my kind of class, one that gets my brain and heart jolted with ideas and my passion for teaching.  I expected this class to be about reading and writing using the digital advances to enhance lessons. That was my guess, I had no idea I would be beginning my professional voice with a blog and a twitter account. I am happy that this has gotten my professional learning community started and I have become more comfortable sharing my blogs with the world.

I really enjoyed learning about passion based learning, and inquiry based learning. This research has given me so many ideas about what I want my classroom to look and feel like. These modules were them most important to me because I gained so many powerful ideas and insight watching and reading about how big of an effect this type of a classroom can have on students. I have noticed that while in my other classes I am automatically thinking of ways to embed inquiry and passion into my lessons. It is also really interesting to be a part of a twitter account that I have created solely to help me grow as an educator. I am one of the few people who has never had a facebook account and I did not think that I would like anything about twitter but it has proved me wrong. Being connected to other teachers and educators is a powerful tool.

In the second part of the semester I hope to learn more about creating a class website and some online tools that are useful in the classroom. I love what I am getting out of this class so I hope the second part of the semester is as great as the first.

Daily Create #11


Leather… vests, boots, bridles, and gloves. Thick leather scent has always been a part of my life and my family, both for the bikers and the cowboys. Leather is my totem.