Independent Learning- The struggle is real-

I have failed this week at Photoshop, I worked on a photo for hours, and it is a failure. I was attempting to imprint a wordcloud onto a face. It is hard the tutorial man makes it look effortless and on my end I was scrambling and pulling my hair out. I was attempting to make a word cloud using the site suggested by the tutorial was Wordle, it would not work at all, sending me over and over to a “not working” link. How frustrating!  I used a different word cloud generator and it also failed. I didn’t have enough words for the cloud to look full and then couldn’t get it to successfully cover the portrait I had chosen. I am still tinkering with this project but I would have to say I feel a bit defeated this week. The poster would have been so awesome.

I am going to begin this project again, but I am afraid I might have bit off more than I can chew with this tutorial. I am not yet comfortable or good enough at photoshop to accomplish this awesome task, but I will be with a little more practice. I will not give up!

This one was by Jeff Clark Feb 2012 found via Neoformix.



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