Daily Create #1 2/24/2016

Assignment – Create a sound transit and write a story about what happens 

Open link- listen to transit, read the story

A handsome  man in black loafers and tweed pants ambles through a corridor that is littered with broken beer bottles, he smokes a Benson and Hedges and he pays no mind to the homeless man huddled in the shadows. He is searching for the red headed woman from the jazz club he played in the night before. Where could she have gone? She couldn’t have gone far, his heart justifies to his brain. His heart pleads for him to keep looking, and he does, feelings of being a fool distant to him. Just then he catches a glimpse of blue satin like her dress and heads up a flight of rickety stairs beside a building, gutters are overflowing with water, yet the sky is dry. Still he climbs, hopeful she will be there at the top. His shoes are slick but his grip is tight and as he reaches the roof of the building it is no longer a building. He has traveled through a portal to a beach, she is awaiting him glistening in the sun. They dance around one another in the water, stealing glances and kisses as the waterfall rages behind them. As she darts behind the fall he follows, the streets of New York have vanished and they have arrived in Paradise.







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