The force is with you…

I learned how to make an animated Star Wars text this week, and it is truly awesome! Presenting information and instructions in fun ways can easily get your kids more exited about an assignment.  I failed to learn how to upload this to my bog as an animation, it is harder than it sounds. So for now you can use your imagination and I will work on uploading it as a GLIF video file. I suppose I could always just have my computer plugged into my Promethean board to show it that way if uploading is as hard as it seems to be. Otherwise I would like to be able to share it on our classroom website.  This was a fun tool to learn this week because I think it will directly apply to my classroom, I now know how to make other animations and video timelines within Photoshop that should help me in the future.

I will most likely have a power point or another fun visual made up for the beginning of the day or week to discuss upcoming class targets, school events, or learning accomplishments. I will be using photo shop to enhance the way I present information to my students and to make my class more interesting. I am feeling pretty proud of myself for the choice I have made for my learning project.

With all success in learning there to comes failure… I attempted to turn this photo of my dog into a sketch photo and I did not make it happen. I think maybe the photo is to dark and that is why it did not work, so I shall try again.


Lane Drawing

I tried again with the sketch tutorial and did much better, I chose to keep a bit of color in this photo which took away from the sketchy aspect of it but made for a cool effect. Isn’t this awesome!




5 thoughts on “The force is with you…

  1. Awww, what a cutie! I am completely unfamiliar with GLIF files. But if you cannot get it to load to your blog and if you want me to try to upload it to Sakai (for others to see), I’m willing to give it a try. Just let me know, by email. It looks like you’re continuing to learn a lot! 😀


  2. He is adorable!
    Secondly, my brain actually hurts a little from reading your post! I think I would break my computer if I had to try and use Photoshop and construct a GILF file! Just goes to show, that each individual truly does excel at their own unique thing! I look forward to reading more of your posts!


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