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I finally got this tweet embedded, the directions given on How to Embed A Tweet.. were a little off for me. I persevered and here we are gazing upon Professor Snape and my, isn’t it wonderful! Professor Snape is that teacher that somewhere in our education we all have eventually, they instill a bit of fear, they are a infinitely intelligent, and their voice echos in a students mind for years. Okay, maybe we don’t all encounter a teacher like that.   Almost six months pregnant and blogging, eating apple pie and studying for an anatomy exam I could relate to this tweet. I am a go get-er, a doer, and I believe that is how I will embark on my teaching career, but I bet I will feel the repercussions every now and again, because teaching is hard work.

I have began to cultivate my Professional/ Personal Learning Network and it is really inspiring. I have already felt that I have benefited from the educators I have began following on twitter and in their personal blogs. I have also noticed that there are people that are not benefiting me or fitting the network I am aiming to build and I have chosen not to continue following these few. I have noticed that a few people have already began to follow me back, and now I feel more than ever my duty or the actual pressure of my own goal I should say is to give quality information and knowledge that I come across back to others. I like this pressure, I thrive in creating my own goals and feeling like I have to live up to what I have taken on. I have taken on creating a network that will benefit me as a student, a teacher, and a leader. The challenges I believe I will face in feeding the network I am trying to build will include being side tracked with some particular aspects of education, and not keep the range wide enough to see and learn about all  I want to. I feel I don’t yet have the experience or confidence to be able to share advice type posts, yet I can and will share my ideas and goals; I hope that I will gain more insight through this project.


3 thoughts on “Personal Learning Network

  1. Isn’t it funny how getting followers and active commenters overhauls your perspective on blogging. It’s like, “Wow. People are listening!” And they really are–even if they never comment or interact, there are people coming along and reading your thoughts. I’ve blogged about education, crafting/sewing, pregnancy/birth/midwifery, librarianship, my graduate work, and my oldest daughter and I even ran a “girl hair” blog to show how to do various styles. LOL 😀 When I began discovering numerous people linking back to certain articles on my blog and/or websites (especially for articles regarding birth and birthing rights), it was a real wake-up call. They might not be commenting directly on my blogs, but they’d be holding up my words to others to initiate discussion/debate and I could see all these conversations sparked all over the world. It’s truly fascinating!


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