To add a blue sky..

blue sky

Oh Photoshop you amazing adventure, and deceivingly difficult task. This picture looks almost like I did nothing to it, yet I did, oh boy did I edit. There was not blue in the sky, one tiny sliver on the left side, which is what we were chasing on the motorcycle as it was. I watched a tutorial, paused 800 times, threw away five other pictures and finally learned how to “make a sky pop” with photo shop. It involved changing the curve levels, the red, green and blue levels and then balance it with a blending tool. Like many learning experiences as I failed to change the sky I learned that I was changing many other things. I kept washing the sky out totally but I was making the pavement an awesome shade of blue. I discarded my work with the road picture, reluctantly because my goal was to work on the sky.

I am starting small with the feats I aim to conquer in Photoshop but it is easy to spend an hour watching a professional do some amazing things and then remember “oh I don’t event know how to correct red eyes yet, I can’t turn this photo into a watercolor”. I will in time though, I am committed to that. I keep thinking about the awesome posters and handouts I can make for my classroom knowing the ways of Photoshop. Also I haven’t forgotten that I love photography, I love capturing beauty, drama, and memories with my camera. Though I have a deep passion for teaching I would love to explore my options as being a photographer on the side.  I actually know a middle school teacher in my town that is also a professional photographer and that just seems like the perfect balance of career and hobby combined.

My mom likes to take pictures as well, and she is a teacher, I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She has tubs and tubs of pictures of all of the students she has ever had, doing Mars Odyssey, field trips, recess, you name it. I guess if I end up like that I hope to at least have the pictures on small SD cards instead of taking up tubs of printed pictures.

I am learning a lot with this Independent Learning Project and am excited to see more results. It really is fun to learn about your passion!!


6 thoughts on “To add a blue sky..

  1. It’s a very slow and tedious process, isn’t it? This is usually the point where people decide if they’re going to stick with it or move on. It’s coming along, though! Oh how I understand the tubs and tubs of photos. I have boxes and boxes… many of my past students and also disks and SD cards and computers and an external harddrives and online storage FULL of photos that I will one day need to go through and declutter. But my father was a photojournalist, so yeah–the apple really doesn’t fall far. He was a pro at photoshop and I still find myself wanting to fling some photos his way, asking him to do this or that (he passed away very unexpectedly three year ago). It’s an amazing skill and I hope you will be very glad you stuck with it on down the road. 🙂


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