Photoshop beginning

The good news about photo shop is there are some awesome tutorials available for free on the web, and with that there is also the daunting challenge of wading through the hundreds or thousands of them to get to the destination you have in mind. I found a great one for beginners on youtube this week.  Photoshop for beginners by Terry White – In this tutorial I learned how to remove blemishes, use the “liquefy” tool which can round out some crazy hair or actually change the structure of a face if you were going for a dramatic effect. I learned how extract an image from a photo and set it in a different background. I tried to do this background challenge and after about an hour of trying to use the “quick lasso” tool with no success I finally shut my computer with a thud and walked away with lump in my throat. The other tools I learned were a bit more manageable but I wont be sharing a photo creation this week. This photo shop is not going to be easy, the tutorials are really helpful and full of information but that does not mean that I’m going to be a pro by next week. I will spend some more time in Light room again this afternoon, it is a photo editing application that I purchased with photo shop and it is not quite as overwhelming. The man who gave the tutorial, Terry White mentioned a place to find royalty free photos called i-stock photo, though once I got to the site I found that the photos cost money, so if I want a picture of a park bench I am going to have to walk out and get it myself. This is actually encouraging because I really should use my own photos, I think they will have more sentiment for me, and that is my whole goal anyhow.  I have signed up for a free photo shop class on the web for tomorrow and I look forward to gaining some more insight, this is all very exciting! I will continue my research and take the time to just “BE IN THE FIELD” (thanks Jacob from TED talk) by playing around with my new software.


5 thoughts on “Photoshop beginning

  1. I know it must feel so overwhelming, right now. I’m hopeful that with at least 2+ hours of practice, every week, you will see some great improvement. Developing a new skill is always work. But by the end of the semester, I’m guessing you’ll look back and be so happy that you kept working at it. My editing work has primarily been in picmonkey and other similar “general public” tools. They doesn’t have near the options that photoshop has, obviously. lol I also downloaded GIMP a few years ago. It is supposed to be very similar to photoshop, but WOW was it overwhelming. I look forward to hearing more about your learning adventure!


  2. I really love that you are going out on and trying photoshop because I think that it would be really be fun to be able to do that! Also, if you are good with a camera, you will be able to make some pretty amazing pictures.


    1. I am pretty good with a camera, but I cannot say the same for photoshop yet. My eyes were on fire from staring at my screen and tweaking little things on it. Ha! Pretty fun though!!


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