Independent Learning Dilemma

Well I never thought I would have a hard time choosing something I want to learn on my own, in fact late at night when I’m really tired and a bit delirious I can spout off a dozen ideas, yet I have not chosen one. Why? I want it to be a choice that I will not regret, I want it to be something that will actually better me as a teacher, a soon to be mom, or even just a better me. So what will it be? Will it be learning to play that guitar that I’ve toted around with me for five years and still can only play about two chords? Or will it be to tap into my artistic side and actually learn how to paint…well. Or I could finally learn how to speak Spanish, even learn how to blog and make money doing it, I’ve always wanted to do that. Oh the tick tock of the count down to a decision is haunting me and the moment I think I have made up my mind I second guess myself. What would make me happy is doing something related to the arts, either guitar or painting, what also is important to me is becoming a great teacher, so what could I learn that would fulfill both of these things? Ah! I just had an epiphany, I really enjoy photography yet I have never dedicated any time to editing or photo shop editing and I have always wanted to, in fact I’ve always longed to. I think this will help me to be a better teacher and it will satisfy my interests, the only draw back is photo shop is expensive, but I think I will just have to live with it. I will think of this as an investment.  Yep, this is happening, my camera is on the downhill slope of its life but I think I can manage to make it last a bit longer. I am very excited about this new adventure. It’s funny that no matter the age of a student we long for freedom to learn what we want and then when given the opportunity we sometimes panic or get flustered and choose something  without thinking it through. Not this time! This time I am going to be confident in my choice and there will be no looking back.





8 thoughts on “Independent Learning Dilemma

  1. Photography is VERY exciting! I love taking photos and editing them. My dad continually tried to get me to purchase photoshop elements, but it was always too high for my budget. I’ve made other options work for the time being (like picmonkey and other app editors). I look forward to hearing more about your 2 hours per week. I hope it will be very useful time!


    1. I too have always been too much of a penny pincher to take the photoshop dive but this time I am justifying it as a school investment, and I think it will be fun when our baby is born. So much to photograph!


  2. I would really love to be able to learn about photography because I think it is so much fun and a true form of art. It captures everything that is beautiful and I really hope that you enjoy it.


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