Product of a K- 12 School

My life as a learner like most kids had its ups and downs all the way through high school.  When I began to get excited about books is when I found my niche in school.  I can recall reading Goosebumps books to my younger brother, James. I don’t know if he was excited because I let  him in my room or because he actually liked the books. While I was in gymnastics a girl I really looked up to I caught walking around the gym before warm ups, her nose in a book. I began doing the same thing, gymnastics and books. I continued reading to James  and other members of my family, I loved to read to others as well as on my own. I bounced out of my seat, arm stretched to the ceiling, waving my fingers to be called upon in class to read aloud. By the time I reached high school I wanted to be an actress, I wanted to act out the stories I loved reading so much. My  K-12 school did have a stage but had been without a drama club  so long that none of the teachers had ever seen one there. With some work, by my freshmen year I was a member of the club and loved it. I struggled with math throughout Math every year in school, I was advanced in English and History and because of my small school I couldn’t be in the advanced English and History classes without being in the advanced Math, there was only one Math teacher after all. I ended up taking my regular algebra class from my chemistry teacher during his plan period, just Mr. Rosenbrock and I. I loved that Science teacher, he was blunt, yet creative enough to explain things in a lot of different ways (in monotone) for me to understand. I also used to go to the Second grade teacher who happened to be a math whiz down the hall in the mornings before school started and have her help me as well. I would begin to feel bad about myself because I struggled with Math and it wasn’t until college that I began to trust my ability in mathematics and gained the confidence I needed to be successful. I will always be a learner and that part of my life I truly cherish.



Photo CC by-Mike Mozart



Photo CC by- Jim Hickcox

Jeff Smith/Staff Photographer Jackson freshman Kim Pety studies Tuesday in a hallway outside of French Auditorium in the new Education and Human Services building. "Its comfortable, there are lots of places to study and its warmer than other buildings" Pety said.
 Photo cc by- Jeff Smith


Photo CC by- Joe Shulz


Photo cc by- Patrick Giblin


3 thoughts on “Product of a K- 12 School

  1. That’s cool that you had a role model to look to and be like “she’s reading so I’m going to read”. I think kids need more people like that in their lives who unconsciously encourage kids to read. I disliked math as well and always found it to be a struggle. I had great math teachers and tutors but it just never clicked. I’m glad that you had a drama club in high school to be a part of.


  2. Being able to trust ourselves, is so important. Once we move past that roadblock, it’s amazing what opportunities will open up. I wonder if the other gymnast you met ever knew how her example sparked a wonderful passion in you. We all touch and change each others’ lives in amazing ways. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I am too, a bookworm! I have to admit it! I have always loved being snuggled up in my bed until 2 AM reading Harry Potter, or Twilight. Actually, I’ve also had difficulty learning math, but over time, I’ve grown to actually really enjoy it once I understood it. I loved your post! 🙂


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